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Your First Visit

Invisalign Premier ProviderWe are always excited for your first visit to our office. This gives us a chance to get to know you. You will meet our Treatment Coordinator who will answer any questions you might have and find out your specific concerns. She will also take some photographs of your teeth that will be used to diagnose and discuss your orthodontic problems. Next, Dr. Hu will do an extensive examination and determine what type of treatment would benefit you most. He will discuss your specific plan in detail, including what appliances might be used and how long your treatment might take. If he feels that you are ready to get started we can expedite treatment by taking records during that same visit. Records consist of necessary x-rays and impressions of your teeth.

Our Treatment Coordinator will also be able to discuss the cost of your orthodontic treatment and review our financing programs with you. If you have orthodontic insurance, she will review your coverage, benefits and savings.

By the end of your first visit, we want you to feel at home in our office and have confidence in our ability to provide excellent care and the best service. It is of utmost importance to our team that your experience on the road to a beautiful, healthy smile is as enjoyable for you as it is for us!

Diagnostic Records

Digital ImagingBefore treatment can start, a set of diagnostic records is taken to determine the nature of your problem and what can be done to correct it. These procedures are necessary for Dr. Hu to evaluate which course of treatment will be best.

Digital Imaging

Digital ImagingWe will take a set of digital photographs to provide an accurate record of the state of the mouth at the time treatment begins.

Study Models

Study ModelImpressions are taken of the teeth, from which plaster study models will be made; these study models will be used to study the dental problems as they exist at the beginning of treatment. The models are a valuable reference during pretreatment planning and for the evaluation of progress during active treatment.


X-rays There are three x-rays that will be taken at this visit:. A Cephalometric x-ray allows Dr. Hu to compare your tooth and jaw relationships to normal measurements. It also allows us to measure tooth movement and growth changes, which are essential to treatment decisions. An Occlusal x-ray allows Dr. Hu to see the upper front permanent teeth and roots. It is important that your permanent roots are long enough to subject them to treatment. A Panoramic x-ray is a composite of the teeth and jaws. In one x-ray Dr. Hu is able to see if you have the normal number of teeth, missing teeth, extra teeth and wisdom teeth. The Panoramic x-ray also can help Dr. Hu predict where the permanent teeth may erupt. During the course of treatment it may be necessary to take a progress Panoramic x-ray to see changes as the primary and permanent teeth exchange.

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